Baby Talk? Save it for a baby

Who are these people who actually enjoy baby talk in an adult relationship?  Please let me know what it is about it that gets you turned on.  I do not get it.  Baby talk should be strictly for babies and pets.  Even in those two situations it should be limited.  You do not want to over do it.  My Miss Lucy would be laughing at a man’s dick for trying baby talk with me.

I had an ex boyfriend named Barry.  He loved to talk to me in baby voice.  He even went as far as to try to baby talk me about going to the bathroom.  Let me get this clear, no matter what kind of talk you try, discussing what you did in the bathroom is not cute or sexy.  I do not want to know what you did in the bathroom.  I do not want you knowing what I did in the bathroom.  It was such a weird situation.  I should have run for the hills.

We would be having sex and he’d talk dirty in baby talk.  There is nothing dirty or sexual about hearing a man say, “Do you wove my big dwick in you?”  It makes me cringe to even type it.  I know Sex and the City even had an episode on this subject.  Samantha wore the fake nipples and got a man who baby talked during sex.  You do not want a man baby in bed.  You want a man who will throw you down, grunt and tell you how to take it in the dirtiest way!


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