O.M.G. Facebook Official

Who started the trend on the emphasis for relationships on Facebook?

Do people really believe marking their territory on social media will help solidify their relationship?  Lezbehonest,  I doubt a Facebook official life event will help the cause if a ring and a marriage license does not deter people from straying.  Some people really believe if it is not on Facebook then it did not happen or it is not real.  No matter how many times you tag a person or upload pictures of you two together on social media will actually help your relationship in the long run.  There are people who do not care if someone has a boyfriend or a girlfriend.  They see something they want and will go after it.  There are also those people who have strong connections with someone and will end up cheating on their significant other.  It is really hard to fight chemistry connections.  It is also hard to teach an old dog new tricks.  The saying still holds some truth, “Once a cheater, always a cheater.”  Facebook will fail every time.

kermit annivI do enjoy watching people attempt to piss on their significant others on social media.  Everyone knows they are just a dog trying to mark their territory.  They want to make sure everyone knows their significant other is taken.  It truly is a joke.  I feel bad for these sad social media souls.  They want to brag about their amazing significant other.  They tend to forget that due to social media everyone knows their significant other has had three other girlfriends/boyfriends in a matter of eight months.  How special are you in that statistic?  Or do you only care about how many likes you can get?

The other fun aspect of Facebook for these people is broadcasting every detail of their relationship.  One day, I love him.  The next day, I hate him.  People are so excited for someone getting engaged or married.  They say it has been a long time coming for the couple.  Did everyone forget the ten break ups?  Or the cheating that occurred multiple times?  Or them dating other people for a year?  Or putting them on blast on social media?  Some people do pay attention to what is posted on social media.  They are not jealous of your significant other.  They are laughing at the clown car and circus you put on for show.



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