The Walk of Shame or Fame

Every male and female has done “the walk of shame” in their life.  I sometimes like to call it “the walk of fame.”  It all depends on the situation.  I had a memorable one being in my early 20’s.


It was in the spring of 2004.  I was hanging out with my frat boys on good old Beeler street.  We started early day drinking.  I know I did a keg stand that day.  We did a lot of drinking.  I always had an on and off again fling with Ken.  We were off on this day.  The night ended with my buddy, Eric and I smoking weed on their roof of the house.  That is the last memory I had.  I woke up in a bed.  I had no idea where I was at first.  I realized I was in Eric’s room.  I was fully clothed.  That was one sigh of relief.  The problem was Eric lived in the same house as Ken.  He actually lived one bedroom down from him.  I jumped out of bed and started putting on my shoes.  Eric woke up.  He asked me what was wrong.  I said I did not remember anything after the roof.  He asked if I was being serious.  Uh oh.  I froze for a moment.  I told him I must have blacked out and if anything happened I did not want to know about it.  My idea was we would tell people I slept on the futon if they asked.  I also said we would never talk about it again.  I was praying Ken was not in his room.  I walked out of Eric’s room as quietly as I could.  Ken’s door was open, but no one was in there.  All I had to do was make it down the stairs and out the front door.  I was then holding my breath that no one was in the living room.  I was not as lucky as I had hoped.  Ken was sitting on one couch.  Bob was sitting on the other couch.  They both stopped talking and did a double take at me on the stairs.  Ken goes, “Where did you come from?!”  I tried to play it cool and causal.  I said, “Hey!  I passed out on Eric’s futon.  What a night last night, huh?!  I got to get going, see you guys later.”  I literally ran for the door.  I heard Bob say to Ken, he thought we weren’t seeing each other.  Ken said he thought I left last night.  I felt like a huge asshole.  I knew I could count on Eric to not say anything and forget the whole thing happened.

Fast forward to the summer of 2009.  I was out for food and drinks with a few of the old frat boys.  Will and couple of the others had gone out to L.A. to visit Ken.  Will was telling me how they were going down memory lane.  He then says to me, “I never knew Eric and you hooked up.”  I am pretty sure my mouth dropped and I froze.  My only response was, “What?!?!”  Will’s girlfriend, now wife, said, “I don’t think she knew either.”  He explains to me how it came up in their guy talk on their trip to see Ken.  Eric forgot the first rule of fight club.  You don’t talk about fight club.  I immediately texted Eric.  I was pissed because it was five years later.  I did not want to ever know what happened that night.  Apparently we did not hook up, but I did a job for him.  It was weird that even five years later, I was still embarrassed.

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