To Swallow or Not To Swallow

This is a personal preference for someone.  I do not know if there are really men and women out there who love to swallow cum.  Or if there are people who only swallow because they do not want to spit it out.  I do not want it anywhere in my mouth.  I have tried to swallow it a couple of times and it did not go over well.  That means I threw up or almost threw up.  Drinking warm fireball or eating a warm, raw oyster probably is a good comparison to swallowing cum.  ::dry heaves::

I unfortunately was born with a very sensitive gag reflex.  The first time I did a job for any guy was with Cameron.  I asked him to please warn me before he exploded with excitement.  I was very naive to believe him when he said he would.  He found it hysterical to watch me run to the bathroom, dry heaving, and covering my mouth.

The next attempt was with my ex boyfriend, Gary.  We were on a road trip to his family beach vacation.  We hit bumper to bumper traffic halfway through the drive.  I decided to be spontaneous and make the drive a little more fun.  It was slightly spontaneous.  I made sure there were paper towels and a garbage bag near me.  A girl scout is always prepared.  Ha.  Gary let his little hose spray in my mouth.  I immediately regretted my decision.  I did not let him finish fully in my mouth because I was going for the paper towels.  I was ready to throw up.  Poor Gary got his own cum on him.  You would have samthought the world was ending at that moment.   It is hilarious how men have that double standard.  They want to blow their load all over you, but it does not go anywhere on them.  It comes out of them.  It is their cum, but they are disgusted by their own secretions.

There were a few other attempts at finishing this job in life.  I have come to the conclusion that since it is a job I am doing for the man’s pleasure, it should go on them and not in my mouth.  I do not mind doing the job.  I just do not want the after math in my mouth.  Lezbehonest, the person doing the job does not get turned on by it.  It could be a hot dog, eggplant, banana, or a zucchini.  The job is a lot of work and concentration depending upon the size.  I do not need an extra protein shake.  I do not want to swallow a warm oyster.  I will get you a wet cloth, a towel for clean up and say, “you’re welcome.”


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