I am sure there are a lot of people who have never heard of sexomnia.  It is not a made up term.  Sexomnia is a condition similar to sleep walking.  A person who sleep walks does activities in their sleep with no memory of it the next day.  A person with sexomnia may start to have sex with the person sleeping next to them or an object that is near them.  They also may masturbate.  I am sure there a lot of people who are skeptic of sexomnia.  I was when I first heard about it from my ex boyfriend, Drew.

I started dating Drew in July of 2008.  Drew and I met at SandCastle.  It was clearly love at first sight since we were day drinkers.  We went out a couple of times before I decided to stay over night at his place.  The first night I stayed over he told me he had to tell me something before we went to sleep.  He told me that he had sexomnia.  I thought he was joking with me.  Drew said he wanted to make sure he told me just in case it would happen.  Nothing happened that first night there.  It was actually a couple of months later that I found out he was not joking with me.

Keep in mind, Drew and I loved having sex.  We had morning, afternoon, evening, and middle of the night sex.  We had amazing sexual chemistry.  It was in August or September when I experienced his sexomnia.  One night, we were in bed sleeping at his place.  I was sleeping on my right side with Drew cuddled up behind me.  I woke up to him pulling my panties off.  I was startled by it, but I went with it.  He was getting on top of me and pushed my legs apart.  There was something different though.  I looked at his face and his eyes were glassed over.  It was as if he was not really there.  All of a sudden, he got off of me and walked to the bathroom.  I was laying there turned on and confused.  Drew came back in the room, laid down, and went back to sleep.  I sat up in bed and rubbed my face.  I started wondering if I just imagined all that.

In the morning, I asked Drew if he remembered attempting to have sex with me in the middle of the night.  He had no clue.  He seemed to be slightly embarrassed.  Drew told me that was his sexomnia.  I definitely thought he was blowing smoke up my ass before I experienced it for myself.  Sexomnia is real.  I was all for it too!

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