Did That Really Happen?

Here is another Tony story.  These are priceless fucked up fairy tales.  This situation in particular was so out there.  I felt like I was in an episode from ‘Passions.’  If you did not watch ‘Passions,’ it was the most bizarre soap opera.  It was the farthest thing from reality.  I asked my boyfriend at the time, Drew, to pinch me.  I was having a hard time believing what my eyes were seeing in front of me.

Tony, Drew, Steve, Harry, and myself went out in Southside in Pittsburgh.  We always ended up at Diesel.  That was Tony and Drew’s favorite place.  Tony found himself in a bad situation.  Nicole and Meg were both there.  He was sleeping with both of them.  You can imagine how that went down when they ran into him.  Drew and I left to go back to his place.  We did not want to be around the drama.  Tony was crashing at Drew’s place.  We were taking bets which broad he would bring back with him.  It was almost 3:00 am.  We heard the door open and broads yelling at one another.  Tony brought them both back to Drew’s.  He is an idiot and so are both of the broads.  One of them should have folded at this point.  Drew and I got out of bed.  We walked down and sat on the stairs.  Nicole and Meg are screaming at each other who fucked Tony last.  They were breaking it down to the hour.  It was so insane.  Tony clearly had it going on in the sex department if there were two broads screaming at each other over him.

It was getting late.  I told Drew he needed to do something, so we could all go to bed.  He told them one of them needed to go home.  He did not care which one.  Nicole looked at Meg and said, “Bye!”  I almost fell out laughing because she had a bitch smile on her face as she said that.  Meg stood up from the couch to argue why Nicole should be the one to leave.  Tony looked at the red stain on the couch and said, “Who is drinking kool-aid?”  We looked at Meg who was sitting there and saw she had red on her skirt and down her leg.  It was blood.  She was bleeding all over the couch and herself.  Tony was laughing his ass off at the situation.  Drew told Tony he was cleaning his couch.  Scotch guard cannot help everything.  I yell at Meg to go up to the bathroom to clean herself up.  This was the moment I thought it could not get anymore fucked up.  I was wrong.  Meg took her tampon out of herself in front of everyone in the living room.  I wanted to throw up and die.  She then walked into the kitchen to throw it away and put a new tampon in her.  Clearly using a bathroom was a foreign idea to Meg.  I was officially in the twilight zone.

Tony felt bad for us at that point.  They all left Drew’s house.  I am sure you are wondering how the story ended.  Nicole andrsz_blowup Meg both went back to Tony’s house.  He told them to sleep on the couches.  He locked his bedroom door and tried to go to sleep.  Each broad took turns at knocking on his door pleading to let them in his room.  The door stayed locked.  Neither of the broads won Tony that evening.  I would say that Meg truly left her mark all over the evening on top of a lasting impression on all of us.

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