Over A Decade of Bad Timing

Have you ever had a ‘Meet Cute?’  A’Meet Cute’ is when you meet someone in a cute and charming way.  Or maybe it was ironic and funny.  It started out like a cute movie.  Girl meets boy.  Boy likes girl.  They date and hang out together.  They Meet-Cutegrow up and lose touch with each other.  They run into each other sporadically and it starts all over again.  One person is ready to settle down, but the other person is not ready for a relationship.  They cannot seem to ever be on the same chapter despite fate.  You would think they should end up together.  The difference between the cute movie and real life is despite the strong connection they shared it will not work out for them.

I met Colt when I was sixteen years old.  We were in modeling class together.  He was such a good-looking guy.  He had blonde hair, muscles, and an amazing smile.  We would have lunch in my car every time we had class.  He went to a different high school.  It was hard to keep anything going between us when we were in two different high schools.  He would drive over to my house in his big, blue truck.  We would meet up at the mall.  However, the modeling classes came to an end.  We lost touch.

I cannot remember how many years passed when I messaged him randomly one night.  It was after I graduated high school.  I had a bad night and did not want to go home.  I text messaged him to see if he was home and awake.  He was to my delight.  We sat on his porch and had a few beers.  He told me I could stay over night.  He gave me a green t-shirt to sleep in for the night.  It had a saying on it.  It said, “Come and get me.”  Ironic.  It was a PG-13 sleepover.

It was summer 2006.  I went to a frontier baseball game with the family and my boyfriend at the time, Gary.  I heard a player’s name announced that was up to bat.  Oh my God!  It was Colt!  I could not believe it.  I was so excited to see him after the game.  Gary was less than enthused.  We talked briefly.  We made a promise to try to stay in touch.  We kept that promise.  It would only be through text messaging though.

It was May of 2009.  I had gone to Tiffany’s wedding.  I decided to go out bar hopping in Southside after the wedding with some friends.  We were in Fin McCools.  I had a strange feeling someone was looking at me.  I turned around to see two guys looking at me.  Oh my God!  It was Colt!  I got a huge smile across my face and hugged him.  His friend, Cooper, stood there in disbelief.  I was single.  He was single.  We started hanging out again.  I was out in Southside with friends another evening.  Colt was also out in the same area that night.  He came to meet me at the bar.  He had Cooper and two broads with him.  Colt asked me to save him.  I told Cooper that I would be taking Colt home.  One of the two broads was not so happy with that decision.  Lezbehonest, he was going home with me before she even met him.  My parents knew him from when we were in high school, so I did not think they would mine him staying over.  We were sitting on the patio talking to each other.  I said to him, “Just because you are sleeping over does not mean we are sleeping together.”  He laughed and flashed that gorgeous smile of his at me.  We went up the stairs to my loft and were standing next to my bed.  My head and mouth may have said one thing to him, but my lips and other parts said something else to him.  We started kissing and I pushed him down on the bed.  He went down on me and made my back arch.  That is not something I can enjoy with every guy.  It is a true level of comfort for me.  

The following weekend I had my fashion show.  Colt and Cooper met my friends and I out that night.  I was schmammered.  I did not eat that day and was drinking gin and tonic.  You can do the math.  I could not drive.  There were broads trying to talk to Colt at the bar.  I told them they were garbage.  I have no filter when drinking a lot of alcohol.  Cooper drove Colt and I to Colt’s brother’s house.  We decided to get a shower together.  He could get me to do anything.  The sex was invigorating.  The chemistry between us was enough to knock your socks off.  We slept in a single bed.  It was fine since we cuddled all night.  I was ready to settle down with Colt, but he was not ready to make that commitment.

It was the end of August in 2009.  I started going to his baseball games again.  I was out one night and he was out with his friends.  He told me to come meet them.  I was in a dress and heels.  He said to all of us, “Lets go night fishing!”  I was always down for whatever he wanted to do.  He rode in my care with me to his house.  We left the bar before Cooper and Miles.  We went inside his house, so I could change into clothes that were appropriate for fishing.  Colt decided to take advantage of the situation.  His friends were not there and I was in a bra and panties.  He threw me down on his bed.  His dick was pretty perfect.  It was big length and girth.  Cooper and Miles got there.  We all got in the vehicle together and headed out.  Miles almost fell out of the boat.  It was so peaceful out on the water at 4:00am.  We headed back to Colt’s house.  We had sex one more time before passing out.  I woke up to Colt poking me with something hard in my ass.  I was just as ready as he was for another round.  We finished and I was still turned on.  He drove me nuts.  I started sucking him off and he was back at attention.  Colt was turned on because I wanted more from him.  We went for round a four.  We were so sweaty. I loved it!  Not too bad for twelve hours in a day.

It was in September now.  Colt messaged me and asked if I wanted to go to his cabin for the day.  That sounded like a good time to me.  We went up to his cabin.  We were there maybe ten minutes and our clothes were flying off in the living room.  He carried me into the one bedroom.  Colt was hitting a spot with me.  I was gripping the sheets on the bed.  He pulled out and went to explode on my chest.  He got some in my hair.  That shit is the worst.  You cannot get it out without washing it out.  He was lucky I liked him so much.  Colt went out to cut the grass and I started making food.  It was a nice evening on his porch talking with each other.  I was ready to give us a chance again.  He was not.

It was November now.  I started dating Barry.  We went out on a date one night.  Colt messaged me to hang out.  I told him I was out on a date.  He said the guy was not too good at keeping my attention if I was responding to him.  Barry asked who I was talking to on my phone.  He looked at my screen as Colt sent a picture of his dick.  Oh the tangled webs we weave.  Barry wanted me to stop all communication with him.  I told Colt it was too late that I was seeing someone else.  I still talked with Colt here and there.  He had been in my life for a lot longer than Barry.  He would text me that he missed me or leave me drunken voice mails.  They made me smile.

Lets fast forward to the end of my cheating relationship with Barry in spring of 2011.  I ran into Colt at a bar.  He was out with a group of friends.  He introduced me to his friend Mackenzie.  I did not get a friendly vibe from her.  She had resting bitch face.  It was awkward.  I told him about how my relationship with Barry was about to be over.  Colt told me to message him when it was over.  A couple of weeks later, I followed his instructions and messaged him.  He came over to cheer me up.  He was good at that task.  Colt told me I should drive up to their away baseball game.  He said we could go out after the game.  Avery and I drove up to the game.  It was rained out.  We went out to the bars.  He ended up staying in my hotel room.  Avery found herself in one of the other ball player’s rooms.  It was worth the mini road trip. 

Their opening home game was that following week.  For the first time, Colt told me he could not get me tickets for the game.  Avery and I got tickets for the game from someone else.  We went to the bar in the stadium to get a drink.  I saw Mackenzie there with the same sour puss face.  I noticed that she was wearing a shirt with Colt’s last name on it.  I did not even own anything with his team logo and name on it.  I saw one of the guys I met out that spring night with Colt.  He asked me, “How do you know Colt?”  I told him how we were in modeling school together and we have been friends ever since.  I asked him the same question.  He said Colt’s girlfriend, Mackenzie, was his neighbor.  The wind got knocked out of me.  It all made sense now.  I was let down.  Colt knew my ex-boyfriend was cheating on me.  How could he take away my decision?  I should get to choose if I want to stir a pot.  Mackenzie was back to giving me the nasty face.  She did not even know what happened between Colt and I.  Avery made an ordeal by asking what Mackenzie’s problem was with us.  I wanted nothing to do with her.  My anger was not at Mackenzie.  It was at Colt.  I walked over at the end of the game to the dugout side.  He saw me.  I was welling up with tears.  I shook my head and motioned with my hand in front of my throat as in ‘DONE.’  He ran for the locker room.  It upset me that after how many years we had known each other he lied to me.  My heart was broken.  We did not speak to each other for a few months.

 Colt and I started talking as friends again.  I missed him.  Lets jump to September in 2012.  Colt met my friend, Chloe, and I out for drinks.  Chloe knew a little bit about my past with Colt.  I sat there and listened to him tell this whole story.  He told her it was over a decade of bad timing for us.  He was engaged to Mackenzie at this point.  He dropped the bomb that his wedding date was before the years end.  I shed a tear.  I never thought he would actually marry her.  I never thought we would not end up together.  Life is not a movie or a fairy tale.  It does not always end happily ever after.  I loved him.  I don’t remember if I ever told him that.  We had so much history together.  It broke my heart.  I did what anyone would do in this situation.  I ordered a round of tequila shots for us.  We actually ordered quite a few rounds of tequila.  We did a cheers to Colt and his wedding date.  

 To this day, we still talk here and there.  Colt will meet up for drinks if I am in town.  You always wonder if you did or said something different would it have made a difference.  Why would you always run into a person through out your life if you were not meant to end up with them?  I may never know the answers to those questions.  I do not regret anyfairy of my story with Colt.  He was a big part of my life.  He was there to tell me nice loving things when the men I was dating fell short.  We will always have the good memories even if it was over a decade of bad timing between us.

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