Over the Fence

Sexual chemistry is a huge part of a relationship.  It is not all about sex, but it is an important subject.  Human beings have physical needs in life.  People may think the sex part is the easiest role.  It is not by a long shot.  I have definitely had my ups and downs in that department.

One night, I was out with friends.  I had a short dress and heels on.  I looked on point.  I was dating Jerry at this time.  He texted me asking how was my night with my friends.  I told him it was going well.  He asked what I was wearing out.  I told him I was looking mighty fine.  Jerry asked if I could meet him at my house.  I told him my parents were home.  He said it did not involve us going inside.  It was close to midnight at this point.  I called it a night and went to meet Jerry at my house.  We were on the patio.  My patio has a fence around it and bushes for privacy.  He told me to walk over towards the one side of the fence.  Jerry told me to pull my panties down to my ankles and spread my legs.  I did what he said to do without asking questions.  He came up behind me and pressed against me.  I was on fire.  He was kissing my neck while one hand was grabbing my right breast and the other was in-between my legs.  Jerry bent me over the fence, grabbed my hair, and pushed inside of me.  It was incredible!  I wish I would have had the idea.  Jerry could dip in my cookie jar anytime.

Who doesn’t sex outside and the chance of getting caught?  Who doesn’t love spontaneous sex?  Who doesn’t love getting bent over?  Who doesn’t love having a significant other who is down for anything?  There are few people who would answer otherwise to those questions.  I love all of thee above.  It definitely spices up your sex life.  It makes for some awesome stories later in life.

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