You Gota Pay the Toll

Summer of 2009 had its positives and negatives.  One of my best public places was in that summer.  I was dating Jerry at the time.  He worked on the toll road in the toll booth control room.  He worked night shifts.  We would stay up late talking to each other.  One night, he invited me to come hang out with him at work.  I had no idea what to expect.keep-calm-and-pay-the-toll

I drove out to where he was stationed.  I went through the toll booth and pulled on the side where the stairs and tunnel were located.  Jerry walked down to meet me.  I followed him up the tunnel into the toll booth control room.  It over looked both directions of the toll road.  It was shaped like a spaceship.  It was a giant circle.  There was glass windows almost all the way around the control room.  I started wondering if we would have sex there.  My excitement was through the roof.

The first time we had sex there we started out in a chair.  I sat on top of him.  It was funny because it was a chair with wheels on the bottom.  We were bouncing around like an air hockey puck.  I was getting more turned on realizing we could be seen through any of the windows.  He lifted me up off him and bent me over the desk.  I was looking right out the windows to the roads.  I am sure he more than felt my excitement.  Another time we had sex there, he sat me on the desk with my bare back facing the windows.  I wrapped my legs around him pulling him into me.  The kind of sex you cannot get close enough to each other.  Your hands grabbing on the person in a forceful way.  An immense amount of body heat emanating off of two people.   It felt amazing.  Jerry had this lounge chair there.  I would lay underneath him.  It was tricky making that one work due to not wanting to both tip over.  It was well worth it though.  Jerry and I had some exhilarating sex at his work place.

I loved these memories since most people cannot say they have ever had sex in a toll booth control room.  We could have been caught.  Someone could have checked in on him.  They did periodical calls throughout the night to make sure someone was at the station.  Someone in a tractor-trailer or other vehicle could have looked up and saw naked bodies in the windows.  Jerry usually let me through the toll for free, but sometimes I felt bad and threw a little change for the strange I was getting from him.

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