Where Am I?

Majority of everyone loves a drinking night out with their friends.  Some of us may indulge in a little more drinking than others.  One of your friends introduces you to one of their good-looking guy or broad friends.  You both hit it off.  The shots start flowing through the evening.  Everyone splits up at the end of the night.  Your memory is a little bit of a haze.  How did the morning start the next day?

I went out one night with my girlfriends in Southside.  My good friend, Audrey, introduced me to her friend Max.  He was a good-looking guy.  We were bouncing around from bar to bar.  Max and I started to flirt with one another.  We started ripping shots and dancing the night away.  It was 2:00 am and time to figure out where we were all laying our heads down.  I got in a cab with a handful of people and Max.  My memory stopped there.

I woke up looking at a wall.  I realized I did not recognize anything in my sight line.  Panic set in.  Fuck!  I became very aware I was naked.  I started cursing at myself for drinking so much.  I slowly rolled over to see if anyone was next to me.  I was not alone.  I saw Max looking at me.  Whew!  I knew the guy at least.  I asked him if we had sex.  He started to laugh at me.  Max replied, “You don’t remember, do you?”  He basically just answered my question with a big yes.

I was more bummed out I did not remember the sex at that point.  He was even better looking without clothes on.  It had been a couple of months since I had sex.  I started wondering if he would allow a second chance, so I could remember it this time.  Luckily, Max was down for another round.  We ended up spending almost the entire day in bed having sex.  We did take a break for food.  He was amazed at how I did not need lube.  Max was able to keep my light switch turned on.  We were standing up next to his bed.  He lifted me up as if to carry me.  We started fucking with him holding me up in the air.  I was in heaven.

A lot of those types of stories could end badly.  You could end up with a random.  It is always scary for a moment not knowing where your evening ended.  No idea where your morning was starting for the next day.  My parents always told me to remember the word moderation.  My mom even told Audrey that word once at a Steeler tailgate.  It is a good word to practice.  The only problem with it is where is the fun in that?  Sometimes it is fun to wake up and not know where you are.  You could do that in moderation.  If you woke up in a different person’s bed all the time, you should probably get tested and start doing kegel exercises.  No one wants a broad that cannot hold in her Ben Wa Balls or that gets them lost inside of her.

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