I Like the Baaaaartender

Bartenders are a unique breed.  They put up with a lot of shit from intoxicated patrons.  The majority are usually good-looking men and women.   It is an added bonus when you are friends with them.  You make relationships with your bartender.  It also opens some doors for some exciting sex opportunities.

Drew and I broke up right before my birthday in 2008.  He was sweet and still gave me my birthday gifts before I went out for the night.  He did not want to go out for my festivities because he thought it would be too hard on me.  My girlfriends and I were out and about in Southside.  We ended up at one of my favorite new bars.  I was friends with the one bartender who was also the manager there.  Dominic was a gorgeous Puerto Rican.  He had curly hair and big muscles.  Dominic was giving us free shots for my birthday.  He also knew about my recent break-up.  He was helping me drown the sorrows and celebrate.  

It was last call.  The girls were getting ready to leave.  Dominic asked if I wanted to stay and drink while they closed the bar.  It was down to just him and I.  He wanted to grab a six-pack of beer for us to drink at his place.  He asked me to come behind the bar to pick out the beer.  I was looking in the cooler and Dominic picked me up in his arms.  He sat me down on the surface.  It was freezing outside, but it was hot as hell in that bar.  He was pulling my shirt over my head and pushing his crotch into mine.  I told him lets finish this back at his place.  He drove us back to his place and we picked up right where we left off.  Dominic threw me on his bed.  He ripped my pants off.  It was jaw dropping when I saw what he had going on under his jeans.  He was very proportional.  A big dick for a big guy.  A man who could roll his R’s could do anything he wanted to me.  Birthday sex is a great gift.

Another night, I was at Dominic’s bar.  He asked me to stay after close with him.  All of the other employees had left the bar.  He asked me to go downstairs to the office with him.  He thought he forgot something down there.  Dominic was smooth.  He pushed everything off the desk in the office and pulled my pants off.  He picked me up and sat me on the desk.  One of my fantasies was coming to life.  Who hasn’t wanted to have sex on a desk?  He took his pants off.  Dominic was looking at me as if he was about to devour me.  He was harder than nipples out in the cold air.  It was hot and sweaty sex.  He stepped away from me.  He lifted me off the desk and set me on the floor.  Dominic turn me around and bent me over the desk.  He grabbed my hair and pulled my head back as he pounded into me from behind.  Oh good lord!  I was in erotic heaven.

2 thoughts on “I Like the Baaaaartender

  1. Chase says:

    This certainly was a memory jogger to say the least. Lol. It was great time and I appreciate your discretion. That was really cool of you. I hope all is well, kid.


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