Monistat for Men

Every woman has had a yeast infection.  They are the worst.  It is very uncomfortable in your pants.  The slight odor is embarrassing.  I wish it did not exist.  Nobody wants to be making bread in-between their legs.  It is an all around horrible part of life.

I have antibiotic pills I take after having sex.  I am prone to getting UTIs after I have sex.  These pills help prevent me from getting one.  I never had any problems with the pills.  I stopped having problems with my vahjayjay until I was dating Peter.

Peter and I were having a lot of sex.  We were having sex multiple times a day, numerous times in a week.  I was taking a pill after every time we had sex.  That is a lot of antibiotics in your system for an extended period of time.  When you are on antibiotics for long periods of time, it can cause yeast infections.  I stopped taking the pills after every time we had sex and tried only taking it once on the days we had sex.  That was eliminating taking multiple pills in a day.  I would still end up with an issue.  I stopped taking the pills all together.  After we had sex, I would jump in the shower and wash off.  I ended up with the same issue again.

I called my OB/GYN.  They advised me to sleep naked.  They also thought eating yogurt would help with the problem.  They asked if I was having sex while I had the infection.  I told them it was a possibility.  They told me that men can get a yeast infection.  Men may not even show any symptoms of having it.  A couple could be passing it back and forth to one another.  A constant wheel of bread making fun.  Lord help us!  The nurse told me I could use Monistat on my boyfriend.  I called Peter and told him to come over my place after he was done with work.

Peter showed up to my place.  He thought he was coming over to have sex.  I told him to come in the bathroom with me.  I explained to him what I needed him to do for me.  He thought I was joking with him.  He found out I was not when I told him to drop his pants.  I had the Monistat cream ready to spread over his dick.  Peter needed to sleep with it on his dick over night.  I wanted to make sure it marinated.  He probably wanted to punch me in the ovaries.  I was about to pull his boxers up when he stopped me.  He asked me to get my hair dryer out.  Peter wanted me to blow dry his dick.  I almost died laughing at him.  He was doing this kind act for me, so I obliged him with his request.  I was sitting on the toilet blow drying his dick with Monistat cream all over it.  That is what you call love.

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