Where Are My Pants?

There are so many joys in drinking alcohol.  You can make new friends.  You can dance like it is nobody’s business.  You can try out new drinks, beers, wines, or shots.  You can laugh the night away.  It takes away somethings though.  It is wonderful when you wake up and realize pieces of your memory are missing from the night before along with articles of clothing.

Carnival was a fun time of the year.  It was one weekend every year in the spring that my one group of college friends celebrated while in school and after they graduated.  A bunch of the broads and guys came in town for it.  It was the same spring time I was hanging out with Gavin.  Saturday night we went out to Zen.  It was one of the later clubs opened in Pittsburgh.  We had a blast.  The shots were flowing through the evening.  It was closing time and we lost everyone.  Evan and I had my friendly taxi cab driver drive us back to Will’s house where we were all staying the night.  That is where it got a little hazy.  My memory was a little bit of a blur.

I woke up the next morning in the recliner chair, wrapped in a blanket, and no pants.  I was confused.  Everyone was slowly starting to wake up.  I started looking on the floor around the chair.  I said out loud, “Where are my pants?”  Eric found my missing pants problem funny.  He took the opportunity to be a comic and said, “How many times have you said that?”  I replied, “Ha Ha you’re so funny Eric.”  I noticed I had pizza type sauce under my one fingernail.  I did not remember eating anything.  I was holding the blanket around my bottom half as I looked around the living room for my pants.  They were nowhere to be found.  I went upstairs and peaked in Gavin’s room.  My pants were laying next to his bed.  Dear Lord!  I did not remember being in his room the night before or doing anything with him.  I grabbed them from the floor and shimmied them on in the hallway.  I walked back downstairs.images (2)  Eric laughed and asked where I found them.  I smiled and replied, “On the floor.”

I felt like the crocodile that wasn’t wearing pants.  If you do not understand the reference, please watch this video 🙂

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