Worst Valentine’s Day Gift

I am not a lovey-dovey kind of broad.  Yes, I like some sentimental gifts at the right moment.  Valentine’s Day is a Hallmark holiday.  It does not make it as special.  It makes it as special as a dozen roses.  Roses are not unique.  If a guy found out what their broad’s favorite flower was and sent her those, that would be special.  It is my opinion on it.

It was nearing the end of January in 2006.  There were a lot of commercials promoting the movie ‘Saw’ as a great images (1)Valentine’s Day gift.  A lot of people would find that humorous.  What about that movie is cookie cutter Hallmark holiday?  It was my first time celebrating Valentine’s Day.  The commercial would be on TV and I would say, “Oh that is exactly what I would want for my Valentine’s Day gift!  It just screams love!”  I would think that the majority of people who knew me would take that as sarcasm at its finest.  I bought Gary a University of Pittsburgh cooler.  He had season tickets to the games and loved drinking beer.  Ideal gift for Valentine’s Day.  Gary told me he got me something I had been wanting for weeks.  I was clueless, but I was excited.  He bought me the movie ‘Saw.’

Are you kidding me?  How could a guy have no idea how twisted of a gift that was for that holiday?  How did the person you were dating not know you were being sarcastic?  The best part of this story was a little over a year later.  Gary had gone on my family vacation with me.  We stopped at my Uncle’s in Virginia on the way back from North Carolina.  A few of my girlfriends that lived near my Uncle’s came over for a pool party.  We were sitting around the downloadtable, drinking and talking.  Some how bad gifts topic popped up in our discussion.  I told this story.  Gary looked like a deer in headlights.  Over a year later, he still did not know that I was being sarcastic about wanting the movie.  ::smack my damn head::

2 thoughts on “Worst Valentine’s Day Gift

  1. andi says:

    My ex bought me a small crockpot for dip, for Valentine’s Day one year, because I walked by it in Walgreen’s and said “Oh, that’s kinda cool”. Dumbass.


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