Eat the Booty like Groceries

I have personally never licked or ate someone’s asshole.  Some people love to have it done and some people love to do it.  I am neither of those.  However, I would consider it if it was with someone I was seriously dating that wanted it done and I watched them get in the shower to wash their ass clean.  That is an exception my rule of ‘Do Not Pass Go, Do Not Collect $200, Do Not Enter Backdoor.’  

One of my good buddy’s from Beta, Jack, just reminded me about a friend of mine from way back in the day.  Olivia was a thicker broad with a big rack.  She did have one lazy eye.  You never knew where it was looking.  Anyways, she was very image1much into eating ass.  I brought her to one of the Beta house parties.  I told some of the guys about her fetish.  They could decide who was down with Charlie Brown.  Another friend, Benjamin, took an interest in her.  He apparently did not get the memo the other guys did about her love for the tossed salad.  Jack asked Benjamin if he made out with Olivia.  Benjamin was all pumped about it and told him yes he did.  Jack busted out laughing.  Benjamin was clueless as to what was so hilarious about him making out with a broad.  Jack told Benjamin how Olivia loves getting down with guys brown eyes.  I was dying when I heard what happened.  Benjamin did not speak to Jack for a couple of weeks.  He was really pissed off Jack let him make out with a broad that licked other guys assholes.  

Our other friend, Carter, found out about my friend Olivia and requested her presence at the next party.  He took full advantage of knowing her specialty with tossing salads.  I saw him a few nights later at the fraternity house and he shouted something along the lines of thanking me for my friend eating his ass accompanied with a high-five.  

Ain’t no shame in the brown eye game for some people.  Different strokes for different folks.  No judgment.  However, do not expect everyone to be down with Charlie Brown.

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