Fetishes can be fun, freaky or creepy.  There are some things I know I could never do with someone.  A Tahitian face mask or a hot Carl are a couple of things I could never and would never want to do.  Snowballing is another act that makes me want to dry heave let alone eating someone’s truffle butter.  That is a whole other level of fucked up for me.

My one girlfriend, Maxine, was dating this guy for a little while.  She really liked him.  He seemed like good people.  Her and I were out at a bar one night.  She told me that her boyfriend asked her to do something sexual to him that she thought was weird.  I was intrigued.  Maxine told me her boyfriend asked her to give him a foot job.  I looked at her with that “What the fuck” face.  I asked if she literally meant jerking him off with her feet instead of her hands.  She nodded.  She said she felt awkward and uncomfortable.  I mean lezbehonest that is not a normal position to have your legs and feet in while doing a job.download

Again, no judgment.  However, I hate feet.  Feet freak me out.  I do not want to use my feet on some dude’s dick.  That sends chills down me.  So many levels of just ‘No.’  The thought of some dude getting his jollies off to my feet makes me sick.  Tell those Rex Ryan’s of America to keep the piss away from your feet.

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