Girl Code

Men and women both have a code with their friends when it comes to the opposite sex.  It is kind of like calling “shotgun” in a car.  Whoever sees the person first calls dibs and makes it known they are interested in that person.  That way there is no fighting over someone with your friend.  That would be ridiculous.  If the guy is not into you, you bow out and let your friend have a chance at them.  It would be the fairest way to play the game ofwho gets the dick at the end of the night.  

It was in the summer of 2008 before I met Drew that I met Liam.  Liam was friends with my friend, Jessica’s boyfriend.  He was in town for the night from Ohio.  I was at Jessica’s apartment when he got there.  I thought I died and went to heaven.  He was a tall drink of water.  Liam was tan, tall with broad shoulders, muscular arms, and a gorgeous smile.  I am sure he made me wet just from staring at him.  I told Jessica I was going after Liam.  Our other friend, Evie, finally got to the apartment.  She was always late.  She immediately started asking questions about Liam.  Jessica told her I already called him since I was there first.  Evie was pissed to say the least.  There are perks to being on time.  Snooze ya lose.

We were all ready for a night out in Southside at the club.  Liam was feeling me as much as I was feeling him.  He would come up from behind me and start dancing with me.  He was making an effort to have a conversation which is hard to do in a club.  I went to the bathroom and when I came back Evie was flirting with him.  However, I noticed her giving me dirty looks and then whispering in his ear.  I thought I was making this stuff up in my head.  Liam came over to me and asked if I had a boyfriend.  I told him no.  He told me that Evie told him I did.  Oh hell no!  That bitch went rogue.  I was so disappointed in her.  She literally was talking so much shit on me to Liam.  She was treating me like a random bitch at the bar that she was competing with for a guy.  I told Liam I was going downstairs to dance to get away from the nonsense.  He ended up following me down which pissed her off.  I refused to play into her game or let her ruin my evening.

We left the bar and went back to Jessica’s to grab our stuff.  Jessica’s boyfriend decided to have the after party at his place. There was six of us all together.  Everyone changed into their sleep clothes.  Evie magically lost her sleep shorts during the ten minute drive from Jessica’s to her boyfriend’s house.  She was walking around in a thong and over-sized T-shirt.  Classy move.  Everyone was sitting around the table drinking and Liam offered me to sit on his lap.  Evie scoffed and rolled her eyes.  I was getting so sick of the charade she was putting on in front of everyone.  I decided I was going upstairs to watch ‘Dirty Dancing’ while I drank my beer.  I went into the bathroom and when I came out Liam was standing there.  He told me he was sorry.  It was not even his fault.  Evie was just being a horrid cunt.  Her true colors were showing that evening.  He leaned down to kiss me.  He had one hand on the side of my face with the other one on my lower back.  I became putty in his hands.  My knees went weak.  Liam’s kiss set me on fire inside.  I jumped up and wrapped my legs around him.  He was holding me in the air and pushed my back up against the wall.  I could definitely feel how much I turned him on.  Unfortunately, I heard someone on the stairs.  Liam put me down on the floor.  I saw Evie running down the stairs.  I then heard her tell everyone that she just saw me on my knees sucking Liam’s dick.  Oh hell fucking no bitch!  I had enough!  I stormed downstairs and ripped her a new asshole in front of everyone.  I pointed out how disappointing it was to see a friend act like a child cunt over a guy.  She started crying.  Ain’t nobody got time for that.  I went back upstairs and laid down on the futon.  Liam came upstairs and laid down with me.  We were not laying there for long.  One thing led to another and we were both tearing each other’s clothes off.  He was well equipped.  Liam had the length and the girth going on for him.  Oh hey!  He made me forget all about Evie.  

The positive to this was I got some good dick twice from Liam.  The negative was finding out Evie was not a good, loyal friend.  However, I was happy to find that out, so I did not waste any more time or energy on that friendship.  Her actions that evening were a huge red flag.  No man or woman is worth losing a friend over in the long run.  Because at the end of the day your friends will be there standing with you when that man or woman is out of your life.  

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