Hot Mess Express

Do not lie to yourself and say you have never been a hot mess.  Everyone has had probably more than one night they thought they could party like a rock star.  It happened to me a lot in my younger twenties.  I threw back shots like they were going out of style.  It was always a good time though.

One of those times, I was down with friends visiting Cameron at his college.  We were getting into bars since we were 18 years old.  My girlfriends and I split from Cameron and his friends.  We wanted to go to a different bar.  It was never a big deal since we all would end up back at the house together.  The girls and I made friends with one of the bar managers.  We did an absurd amount of shots.  I do not know how I could walk let alone do a cart-wheel on the sidewalk as we were walking home.  Granted, I did fall on my ass and my tube top came down.  I sat there laughing so hard at myself.  My girls came over to pick me up.  Katie told me to put my boobs away as she pulled my top back up over my chest.  My memory is a little hazy from that point.  I remember being up in Cameron’s room in bed with him fooling around.  He went to do something and I told him to stop.  I said, “Cameron, I still have my tampon in!”  He told me to go to the bathroom and take it out.  I said to him, “I am too drunk.  I can’t get up.”  I was a hot mess.  He stepped up and took one for the team.  Cameron reached down and pulled my tampon out.  He then threw it into a shopping bag.  We went at it like business as usual after that situation.

I am sure Cameron really wanted to get laid that night.  We all have done things that are not desirable in life.  My one girlfriend was so drunk and needed to puke, but she could not make herself puke.  I stuck my fingers down her throat to make her puke.  It is not something you do for random people.  We all have over indulged and threw out the word moderation.  Sometimes we get lucky enough in life to have friends step up and be true friends when we are riding the hot mess express.

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