Hiding Out

It is very important for both genders to do landscaping on their crotch regions.  No man or woman wants to be faced with a smelly jungle that is out of control.  This should not only be done because you are intimate with someone.  A person should want to have a nice, clean, and fresh playground for themselves.

A good buddy of mine, Ollie, took a broad home one time.  They were in his room getting frisky.  He pulled down her panties to get in-between her legs.  Ollie was not greeted with a fresh paved driveway or a landing strip.  He was faced with a big bush of muff cabbage.  He was so scared of it that image
he told her he would be right back.  Ollie was naked and went into the bathroom.  He didn’t know how long he had been in there.  His roommate opened the bathroom door to find him naked sitting on top of the toilet with his legs crossed.  He told him to tell the broad he had to leave.  Ollie was hiding out in his own bathroom from the broad and her gnarly bush.  The broad eventually came looking for him and his roommate told her Ollie wasn’t there.

I don’t know how the women from the 80’s rocked their bushes.  Everyone had to be walking around and scratching their crotches.  The broad Ollie found had to be the type that leaves pubic hairs all over public toilet seats.  The majority of guys have no standards and will screw anything that has a vagina.  You know it had to be pretty bad for a guy to hide from a broad.  Muff cabbage is certainly no joke.

2 thoughts on “Hiding Out

  1. Funny post!!! But is it a certain age group that manscapes? I’m old and married and it appears that it isn’t a big “thing” in my age group. Just curious…


  2. I’m glad you enjoyed the post! It probably is different with some generations. However, I know many men and women my parents age that do some general landscaping. Most women that age though are not on board of waxing it all off. There is nothing wrong with that as long as you keep up with the hedging.


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