Dating over the Holidays

A lot of people love to be with someone for the holidays because they feel too alone without someone.  The holidays are a time for family and friends.  If you have someone, it could be an added bonus in your life.  However, it does not mean you are sad if you do not have someone in your life.

It was so stressful over the holidays with someone.  When I was dating Gary, his mother, the monster, was so hard to work with around the holidays.  My family was thankfully flexible and tried to work their dinner time around his families, so we were able to go to both dinners.  His mother on the other hand wouldn’t budge on time.  His family always left the price tag on all the gifts, so you would know how much they spent on them.  The presents I bought them were always ridiculed.  The best gift I ever saw Gary get was his mom taking his picture frame from the apartment and re-gifting it to him with new photos.  I was dying laughing on the inside.  I hated the holidays with Gary.  It was stressful and did not make me feel good.

The first Christmas Barry and I spent together was another one for the books.  My own family had dwindled to a few of us for that holiday.  I do not remember what led up to it, but Barry’s parents did not have plans for Christmas.  My dad thought it would be nice to extend an invite to our home even though we did not think they would come over.  We all thought wrong.  They came over.  The first time our parents met each other.  His parents also drank a shit ton of beer.  My dad thoughts on the situation were along the lines of, “did that really happen?”  

My past experiences were not ideal.  I have made way better memories without someone in my life around the holidays.  I also do not think you need someone just to have someone for the holiday.  Some people treat finding “a someone” for the holidays as if it were the Christmas sweater they only were one time a year.  You take it out of storage for a couple months and then put it back after the new year is in full swing.  I say leave that sweater in the bottom of your drawer, let your hair down, love yourself, and enjoy time with your framily.

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