Dangling the Carrot

It is safe to say that at one time or another every man or woman has dangled the carrot in front of the horses mouth.  You have it close enough to think the horse can get a bite of it, but you pull it away as soon as it would have it in its mouth.  You hope it is just for the thrill of finally getting the prize at the end of the game.  However, some people are all talk and no action.

Alfie was a good looking guy friend of mine.  He was either dating someone or I was with someone.  We always friendly flirted with one another.  This went over for years.  I moved out of the state.  He had some major baggage going on for a while.  He was going to come out to Chicago for a Pirates game with friends and wanted to meet up with me.  Alfie would send sporadic messages to me to see how I was and say he missed me.  It was nice and sweet.

I was home one time and told him what I would be doing that day and night.  He had to work a double shift.  However, he offered me to come over his place if I was still out once he was done.  I told him we would see where the night took me.  I ended up still being out when he got off duty.  Alfie took me back to his place.  I was drunk and he was jumping in the shower.  After all these years, we were finally going to take care of the pent up sexual energy between us.  Not to mention, I had not had sex in several months.  I was all kinds of ready for a dick in-between my legs and in my Miss Lucy.

We were naked fooling around on his couch.  We took the fun into the bedroom.  We were still fooling around.  Alfie said, “It has been a while for me too and you’re so wet.  I don’t think I will last long.”  He suggested we prolong the foreplay and go back out on the couch.  By the time I get into the living room, he is pulling up his boxers.  I go over and start kissing on him and he stops me.  He then tells me that he knows I like it rough especially after I hip checked him while we were out in the city.  ::puzzled look::  Alfie told me he was not comfortable with rough play and that is not what he is into.  At first, I thought he was kidding.  He was not.  I was naked, drunk, and being rejected out of left field after warming up the pitcher.  I had never felt more vulnerable in my life.

He offered me a ride home. Absolutely fucking not.  I ordered an uber and went home.  I never even put my nasty on him.  I was more than happy to get regular old sex.  It didn’t need to be rough and dirty.  All I needed was a hug in the vagina with a dick.  Instead, I got sex shamed and given the boot.

How does a friend treat you like that?  I told him he acted like a little bitch.  That was such a broad move to do to me.  A broad takes a random home from the bar and she changes her mind.  The worst part is he ruined a friendship because I was not a random.  I could never remain friends with someone who would do me like that.  He would have been better off to fuck me and send me on my way.  I never want to see his carrot again.  

“I’ll always think of him fondly, as an asshole.” ~Sex and The City

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