Soliciting Sex

Who has ever used an online anything to get sex?  I am sure there are quite a few people with their hands raised up in the air.  There are “dating” websites like Plenty of Fish,, etc.  Some people use social media as an outlet.  Those used to be chat rooms, ICQ, AOL, and My Space.  You used to go in a chat room saying, “A/S/L.”  Ha.  Now we have FaceBook, LinkedIn, Tinder, Craigslist, and many more.  All of these options are out there for people to dip into some strangers cookie jars.

I am guilty of using My Space once for sex.  It was back in the spring of 2008.  Harvey was a mutual friend of a lot of my good friends.  I sent him a request.  We flirted back and forth online for a while.  My girls and I were drinking at Hollie’s apartment in Oakland one night.  I hit up Harvey seeing if he wanted to come over and drink with us.  I did not think he would bite, but he was down to hang out.  It was the first time we were going to meet in person.  We were all playing drinking games and having a good time.  The girls eventually went to bed.  It was down to Harvey and I up on the couch.  Yes, I slept with him on the couch.  It was pretty good sex too.  I had no shame in my game.  You have to get it while the gettin’s good.  We actually became really good friends.  Harvey was my one friend who got me interested into watching professional hockey.  

Besides that one time, I do not use dating applications or websites.  I prefer the good ‘ol fashioned meet someone in a bar type romping over the cyber sex requests especially after the Craigslist killer happened.

I found out one of my ex-boyfriends is using Craiglist for sex.  I do not want to use his name I chose for him on here to spare him any jokes.  He has responded to a handful of Craiglist adds for sex.  I find so much humor in it.  I would think even Tinder is better than Craigslist.  Tinder is pretty bottom of the barrel too.  If you respond to an add, you might as well ask for a shot afterwards.  I did not think anyone even did that anymore especially after that killer surfaced that was using Craigslist to kill people.  A lot of people have asked me how it makes me feel.  Well, that very weekend I heard this news, I was up late talking to a very attractive Ron Burgundy kind of friend.  He is kind of a big deal.  He was driving to his next gig and we were entertaining one another.  I got myself off four times in two hours.  Lets go back to the question of how does it make me feel…It makes me feel like I am “winning” in life over him.  True story.

It is pretty sad and scary if you have to stoop to Craigslist for sex.  I mean you should have some standards.  You would be better off calling hookers out of the back of a phone book.  I know why some people use the crutch of online dating because they may not be social enough to meet people while they’re out on the town.  Or maybe some people do not have time to go out and online profiles are easier to weed out the sub par dudes.  Different strokes for different folks.  I would just like to know what kind of pickle is going in my deli.  My deli is not open for everyone and I do not want to end up on a milk carton.  My friends would never find me because those lushes never drink milk.   

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