A Game of Ice Tray

I am sure that it is safe to say that everyone has participated in a drinking game at one point in their life.  They can be a good time.  They help pass the time.  They can get you drunk very quick.  Things can get out of hand with drinking games as well.  Most of the time though it is fun for everyone.

My freshman year at La Roche College was a lot of partying.  It was not like partying was something new to me either.  I happened to go the party and social route instead of the bookworm path.  A couple of my girlfriends from high school came to visit me up at college.  There was not much going on that night, so we decided to go over to the guys house off campus.  There were four to five guys that lived there.  I met them my senior year of high school and we all became friends.  The guys usually could make a random night a lot of fun.  I do not remember what all we were drinking, but I do know there was Peach Schnapps there.  We decided to play the game ice tray.  

If you do not know what that is, I will explain it for you.  You need an empty ice tray and a quarter.  Each player gets to bounce the quarter off the table into the ice tray.  The left side you give out drinks and the right side you take the drinks.  The cube opening it lands in decides the drink count.  If you keep getting the quarter in the left side, your turn gets extended until you miss.  If you get it in the same cube opening, you get to make a rule.  You get to make a rule if you land the quarter on the divider on the tray.Ice-cube-tray

The girls and myself were playing the game with a couple of the guys.  I was seeing Theo on and off since my senior year of high school.  He wanted no parts of me that evening.  I am sure it had to do with me being ‘Black Out Betty.’  Ethan and Tommy played with us though.  One of the guys made a rule that you had to lose an article of clothing.  I do not remember past sitting in my bra and taking off my pants.  The evening turned into a black hole in my memory.

I was on campus and someone mentioned something about a video camera on that black out evening from the previous weekend.  I went into full panic mode.  I did not remember anything after a certain point that night let alone a video camera out capturing the festivities.  I learned that Tommy video tapped Ethan spanking me bent over in a G-string.  ::not one of my prouder moments::  The bigger problem than the obvious one was that Ethan had a girlfriend.  She would shit bricks if she saw that video.  I made Tommy come over to my dorm to show me the video.  I was beyond mortified.  It also freaked me out that I had no recollection of anything I was seeing in front of me.  I made him video tape my floor to tape over it.  That way I knew it was gone forever.  

The guys had a house party that weekend.  They video tapped the party as usual.  The morning after they were sitting in the living room with their girlfriends and put the video tape in to watch.  Ethan had a weird feeling.  He couldn’t remember what was on that video tape and then it hit him.  He had a moment of panic thinking his girlfriend was about to see me basically naked, bent over, and him smacking my ass.  However, they all got to see a random floor on the video before the party part started on the tape.  Thank god that Britney Leigh saved the day for everyone!

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