Tinder Experiment: Day 2

I learned what super liked was on Tinder.  It is when you swipe up on a person.  I am guessing people do this in hopes of the other person liking them since it tells that person you super liked them.  You are just hanging on by a thread hoping for that match, so you can have a truly meaningful conversation with them.  Ha.

I did not message one of my matches.  I let them message me first.  I did not do that because I am imagethe female.  I chose the subtle approach because I was still learning how Tinder worked.  A total of nine guys started conversations with me.  Two out of the nine guys ended up being creeps.  They were not being offensive.  They were either using cheesy lines or laughable comments.  I cannot say it was their age either.  One guy was 35 years old and the other was 28 years old.  I just want to know what broads go for these types of guys.  You know someone has to go for it because they clearly think it is a great working angle.  It was hard to take them seriously though.  Ha.

The other guys weren’t too bad and had quite normal conversations with them.  I gave my number to two of the guys.  Another guy happened to be from Pittsburgh and just moved to my area in Florida.  I am slowly catching on to Tinder.  Even a monkey learns from repetition.


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