Man Bun of Regret

I enjoy going out with friends and perusing the crowd.  It is fun to people watch or to find potentials for dating.  You never know what you will stumble upon while out and about.  It was the way you used to meet people before social media came out.

I was out at Wing House a little over a week ago with my uncle and his friends.  We were throwing back some beers and bullshitting.  They left to head back to Indian Rocks Beach area.  I stayed to finish my beer.  I spotted a man bun.  He seemed rugged cute.  We exchanged glances.  I asked the bartender if she had seen him in there before.  I waited for my moment.  He was walking by me and I tapped his shoulder.  I said, “I just wanted to let you know that I think you’re good looking.”  He responded with a smile and thanked me.  He went back to the other side of the bar.

A group of guys walked in and sat near me.  Apparently they knew man bun.  He walked over and joined them.  I kindly told the guys that man bun must be scared of me.  They informed me his name was Ibrahim.  I decided to have one more beer then head home.  Ibrahim finally got his nerves up and sat by me.  He told me he was in town for work.  He seemed normal and nice enough, so I gave him my number.  He walked me to my car and I went home.

He started texting me immediately.  Ibrahim turned out to be like a broad.  He revealed too much too soon via text.  He was word vomiting everywhere.  It was as if I was watching one car accident after another.  He has a kid.  He was heart broken over the baby mama.  He had a D.U.I. that ruined his life.  He has or had PTSD.  Queue the sound effects of crashing and burning.

Oh my God.  What do you even say to that?  Why would you unload all of your baggage on someone you just met on the sidewalk?  The best part he followed that by telling me he imagewished to cook for me.  Oh hell no!  I am not telling you where I live.  If I was really mean, I would have told him to delete my number right at that moment.  I was slightly thankful he threw his warning label at me all at once because that just saved me time.  Time is very precious.  Ibrahim did text me here and there.  I have been very short with my responses to give the hint.  However, yesterday he came at me with some lame ass texts.  I had to be a slight bitch.  Sorry not sorry.  He wasn’t catching my hint.  I cursed his man bun and blocked his number.

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