Tinder Experiment: Day 5 & 6

There are a lot of younger 20 something guys on Tinder who like themselves an older broad.  I ain’t hating because I’m the older broad.  My last ex boyfriend was seven years younger than me.  A lot of people had something to say about it.  What is that one saying, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks?”  That may be very true, but you can train a puppy with treats and a newspaper.  I’m just saying.  This cougar has claws now.  Watch out little young pups.  ::wink wink:: 

One of the young studs asked for my snapchat name.  I obliged with his request.  He sends me a lot of shirtless pictures.  I ain’t mad about it.  He is studying to become a firefighter.  We all know how I love a guy in uniform who knows how to use a hose.

imageDay 6 happened to fall on Valentines Day.  I usually loathe that day for many reasons even when I have been in a relationship.  This year was different.  I hadimage friends over my house to play corn hole and beer pong.  I was telling my buddies about my Tinder experiences.  Arthur came up.  My guy friends were not keen on the fact that he was in law enforcement.  Some of us may or may not partake in illegal activities.  ::smiles with halo over head::  

I spent a little more time with Arthur.  I was still on the fence with how I felt about him.  There was something holding me back from doing anything with him besides giving a hug.  I wanted to figure out what that something was before I went any further with him.


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