Tinder: Update 2

There are a few nice, normal guys on Tinder.  However, the majority seem to be assholes, creeps, pigs and douche bags.  imageimageWho are these women out there allowing these “men” to talk to them in such a degrading, disrespecting manner?!  My girlfriends and I clearly know that it will not be tolerated with us.  Yes, sometimes it is funny and sometimes it is rude.  Who raised these boys?  Why do they think first conversation means they can ask every detail of your sex life?  Who said we wanted to have sex with them?  Did they miss the lesson where we learned that you can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar? 

imageThese guys may be nice looking, but it does not mean we automatically want to sleep with them.  Swiping right is not the leg opener at least not for most women.  We like to take care of ourselves and our pikachus.  No one likes chipped ham or blown out tires down there.  I have not lost my “sex drive” since walking into the thirties club, but I am much more selective with who gets to water my flower bed.  I would rather go another nine months of no sex than sleep with a dog.  That is one reason I rescued a female puppy.  I hate the red rocket on male dogs.  There are enough creeps running around with their red rockets out that I did not want one in my house.

It truly amazes me that these “men” think talking to a broad like this will prosper them in any way.  They might as well put peanut butter on


Eddie the Dickhole’s number please contact him if you’d like slutty sex

their dick and have their dog lick it off.  Because the majority of women are going to tell them to piss off.  The best part is I normally have no problem talking about sex hence this blog, but I do not owe you any details or truth if you are some random creep.  Eddie, the 26 year old creep, thought he could get all the details and names of who I slept with recently.  No sir, you are not privileged to that information.  Did he think coming at me with a tone was going to help sell his case of wanting to get his dick wet in my flower bed?  He asked if my friend I last slept with fucked me good.  I am pretty sure Eddie has more creepy crawlers in his crotch than worrying about my pristine Miss Lucy.  He can fuck off with his Section 8 dick.  

There may be people who do not like apple products.  However, the block feature on iPhone’s is the best thing since spanx.  Keep your head held high and your middle finger higher.  Bye Felicia.


8 thoughts on “Tinder: Update 2

    • Right? They all need smacked upside their heads by their mothers and/or fathers. You will not get far in life. Even if the female only wanted sex from the guy that is not how you go about getting it.


  1. Great post. You certainly highlighted a major problem with what I call the ‘Tinder Mentality’.
    “Who are these women out there allowing these “men” to talk to them in such a degrading, disrespecting manner?!”
    These women are out there more than one would expect. They fuel this fire of inappropriate behavior. The hormonally-imbalanced douche nozzles of both sexes have made Tinder a joke. It’s much less of a dating app and more of a swipe game.


  2. andi says:

    Wow. I was on and off tinder for months and don’t know that I heard from such creepy guys. I want to text Eddie, just to tell him what a dick he is!! Good for you for calling them out!!

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    • It is sad for every nice guy there are fifteen creeps. I honestly left his number on those screenshots on purpose. These men need to learn like a puppy. You get your nose and/or dick smacked for being a degrading pig. If anyone wants to text him, please be my guest 🙂


  3. Man, I love your posts and your Tinder updates. You crack me up every time! Anyway, great post and I wish we could see how Eddie does when his phone blows up thanks to you. Thanks again for the laugh today!!

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