Release the Krackin 

Have you ever noticed how different your sexual encounter is with someone new when you are drunk compared to sober?  Or maybe you play on a level playing field all the time.  The comfort of releasing the inner freak with someone you’ve been with many times in bed is different from a new penis terrain.  However, you add alcohol and I’m more comfortable than Al Bundy sitting on your bed with my hand down my pants.  Drunk Britney will release the krackin!  

You don’t over think anything when you are drunk.  You just do.  Who cares what makes a sound. Dive in there.  Worst case scenario, you don’t ever hear from them again.  Who cares.  Some of my best work in the bedroom is when I’m drunk.  I’ve noticed my go to drunk move is playing the powerball.  I dive down for the balls and suck them in my mouth like your pulling numbers.  35, 18, 21!  Ha.  Ain’t no shame in my game.  The reaction of the men is interesting.  It’s kind of like when you slip a small digit in their ass.  Their face says they like it, but they don’t say a word. 

The only downfall of being drunk would be that you are so into the moment you don’t realize how hard you are sucking on body parts.  Hickies and raw nipples are the end result.  Whew, brush burned nips are tender.  The wrong breeze on them could make you tense up.  In those moments you need to remember… Rule #76:  No Excuses, play like a champion. 

Alcohol also helps you get rid of being embarrassed.  Not everyone is a freak in the bedroom.  There are some plain vanilla cone eaters, but there are a lot of get down like Charlie Brown freaks.  The problem is a lot of people are too worried about judgement.  All bets are off in the bedroom.  Different strokes for different folks.  Alcohol helps you shed that shy skin and tell the other person just how you like it! 

I am not saying to go get wasted like a sloppopotamus and end up like a beached starfish.  All you may need is just a little liquid encouragement to get that great romp in the sack.  Let your hair down, yell out those powerball numbers, and release the krackin!! 

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