Summer Chi Lovin

Have you ever been surprised with a plane ticket for a weekend getaway? Two tickets to paradise? It is what most people dream about or you see it in a movie. No one ever gets that lucky. Who would say no to a weekend in Chicago? Sign me up! The question is… who wanted me for a whole weekend? Hmm.. let’s go back down memory lane.

“Summer lovin had me a blast
Summer lovin happened so fast
I met a girl crazy for me
Met a boy cute as can be
Summer days drifting away to oh oh the summer nights”

On a whim several years ago, I asked Scott, the hot, fireman that I met in NOLA, to be my plus one to one of my best friend’s wedding in Manhattan, NY. I didn’t want our story to end. Surprisingly, he considered it and tried to switch shifts with others to make it work. However, it just wasn’t meant to be. After New Orleans, Scott and I kept in touch. Exchanging cute texts and pictures. His ‘Good Morning’ or ‘Good Night’ messages always had me smiling from ear to ear. ::smiling as I type that remembering:: One day, I see plane tickets in my email to fly to Chicago for the 4th of July weekend. What a sweetie he was!! I was beyond elated!

“And I’m leaving on a jet plane..”

I arrived in Chicago at the ass crack of dawn where Scott picked me up and took me back to his house. The car ride was a little awkward since it was the first seeing each other since New Orleans. However, he was still the same gentleman by opening and closing the car doors for me. He opened his fridge and showed me that he bought me a case of Mich Ultra since he remembered that’s what I drank in NOLA. He had me leave my stuff, so we could go adventure into the city. He was a gem for this because it was thee hottest day of the summer. I think it was like 106 degrees. We rode the metra into the city. Chicago was everything that I dreamed about. It was breathtakingly beautiful. Scott was such a trooper as we were both hot, sweaty messes. He had his arm around me on the metra back to the burbs, but he turned to me and made sure it was alright if we had some space between us due to the sweating all over each other. (Not in the good way either like sex)

We got back to his place and cooled off in his pool with some of his firmen buddies. We then all went to the softball game that they were playing in that night. We had been drinking all day which isn’t ideal when you were at a softball field with Port-A-Potties baking in that heat. I saw a grown man come out of one while dry heaving. I knew that I didn’t stand a chance. I pulled out my ol skills to do a quick “pop a squat” between two vehicles while no one was watching me. Very sneaky, sneaky. It reminded me of my younger years. Ha.

We went back to his place. Scott and I took a much needed dip in his hot tub. Things heated up in there and I do not mean the water temperature. My top came off and I was straddling him. It was a huge turn on feeling his hands on me while I was grinding on him. Scott then suggested we find a different location for penetration. We took our escapade to the deck off of his bedroom. He laid me down on the couch outside and pulled my bottoms off. I had chills going through me. I straddled him once again. This time though, I had him deep inside me. He was loving my tits bouncing in his face. I loved watching his face when I would squeeze my kegel muscles around him. It was just as pleasurable for me seeing him enjoying it. We did pause briefly as I saw a red flashing light from his neighbors. I thought that we may have been getting filmed. We had a good giggle. Scott then scooped me up and put me back on my back while thrusting back in me. It was truly electrifying being outside and under the sky.

There were a few more firemen parties that he took me to over the weekend. He always made a point to introduce me to everyone, so I never stood around looking awkward. I even began mingling without him. He made me breakfast, lunch and dinner. We took Maggie waggie, his dog, for walks. There was plenty of sex. It was an awesome weekend. I never wanted it to end or to leave, but all good things must come to an end.

Things didn’t last between Scott and I. I did fulfill my dream of moving out to Chicago. I didn’t want to tell him since we lost touch and it wasn’t about him. However, I did run smack into him at Spring Awakening Music Fest. It was a 1 in 20,000 chance. I remember seeing him knocked the wind out of me. He said that he heard that I moved out there. He still looked as good as he ever did. Always a small world.

I have never once regretted that weekend with him. I met some amazing people that I still call best friends 8 years later. Scott and I are still good friends. I even purchased one of his creative wall art pieces recently. Some people leave an impression on your heart which stays with you forever. Scott is one of those people in my life. He also started my desire for men in fire gear. Who doesn’t swoon over hot men running into burning buildings to save people, animals and the structure?! I will always be up for sliding down the firepole or a weekend in Chi.

Fuck Your Box

People love to be able to put others into a box. They like stereotypes. They love labels. They want to have everyone figured out. Many do not like to live in the grey or open minds like, “Who gives a fuck?” A lot of people also believe all women in their 30’s should be dying to get married, have kids and a family life. I swore we were in 2020. However, our world seems to have gone off the rails like Britney Spears when she shaved all her hair off.

I am in my mid thirties. I choose to be single. I value my time over everything. I am not one to settle or waste time in a mediocre relationship. People think that I must be jaded from prior relationships. Some think that I must be a lesbian. It is just truly hard to believe that someone my age refuses to settle for generic, hallmark, social media relationships. I am happy. I love myself. It took a damn long time to get here.

There is more to life than running for the altar once, twice or even thrice. It is okay if that is your desire in life. It doesn’t have to be everyone’s though. I love the look that I get when I state that I am not looking for a relationship. I am only in the market for something casual. If I meet someone down the road that compliments me in life, I would be open to it. I would rather spend my valuable time with my family, friends and furkids than any random to warm my bed. Time is priceless along with space in your bed. Ha.

So, stop trying to slap a label on the rest of us. We do not all belong in boxes. We are individuals making our own journeys. Labels should only be in your closet ::wink, wink::

Cheers to those who say, “Fuck your box ,” while cheersing their best friends!

Excuse Me, but I’m Back

I have been absent for much longer than I would have liked. Life happened… hurricanes, depression, anxiety, harassment in the workplace, mean girls, losing/gaining friends, and a pandemic. All of those things that we don’t realize are a part growing up and being an adult. Joking about sex took a back seat to all of that fun. Apologies. I will try to get my sexy back for those who enjoy my writing. I did miss it ::wink,wink::

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