Fuck Your Box

People love to be able to put others into a box. They like stereotypes. They love labels. They want to have everyone figured out. Many do not like to live in the grey or open minds like, “Who gives a fuck?” A lot of people also believe all women in their 30’s should be dying to get married, have kids and a family life. I swore we were in 2020. However, our world seems to have gone off the rails like Britney Spears when she shaved all her hair off.

I am in my mid thirties. I choose to be single. I value my time over everything. I am not one to settle or waste time in a mediocre relationship. People think that I must be jaded from prior relationships. Some think that I must be a lesbian. It is just truly hard to believe that someone my age refuses to settle for generic, hallmark, social media relationships. I am happy. I love myself. It took a damn long time to get here.

There is more to life than running for the altar once, twice or even thrice. It is okay if that is your desire in life. It doesn’t have to be everyone’s though. I love the look that I get when I state that I am not looking for a relationship. I am only in the market for something casual. If I meet someone down the road that compliments me in life, I would be open to it. I would rather spend my valuable time with my family, friends and furkids than any random to warm my bed. Time is priceless along with space in your bed. Ha.

So, stop trying to slap a label on the rest of us. We do not all belong in boxes. We are individuals making our own journeys. Labels should only be in your closet ::wink, wink::

Cheers to those who say, “Fuck your box ,” while cheersing their best friends!

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