Jeepers Creepers

I can say with confidence everyone is guilty to a certain level of creeping on someone.  It is hard not to do with todays social media and technology.  It makes it pretty easy for someone to find out about another person.  However, some people take it to a whole other level.  They go above and beyond the little innocent creeping to almost stalking in a sense.  ::queue Michael Jackson:: “I always feel like somebody’s watching me..”

I have creeped on people via social media.  It is like window browsing.  You can look, but do not touch.  Amateurs are bad at it.  Some people do not know that LinkedIn shows you who looked at your profile or it tells you one of these people in a group looked at your profile.  You can always guess who it was that looked at your profile.  I have had numerous ex-boyfriends wives or girlfriends, old friends, or ex-boyfriends themselves show up on your LinkedIn.  Rookies.  There are the rookie mistakes of creeping on someone on Facebook and you end up requesting them as a friend.  That is my all time favorite.  I typically call those broads out for shits and giggles.  They are nine times out of ten friends with my guy friend’s new girlfriend.  This is all the innocent creeping.

One of the levels I have not graduated to is the drive by someone’s house.  I know quite a few females who have driven by the guy’s house.  Some have taken pictures as evidence to what cars they saw at the house.  Some have made me be the driver, so the guy would not recognize my car.  It is almost like stalking a person.  What drives a person to do this?  Trust?  Insecurity?  Paranoia?  I know a handful of broads that had decoy Facebook accounts.  They used them to creep.  The problem was they took it to a different level.  They would tell people it was a cousin.  They had a whole back story for this pretend person.  I had a girlfriend get mad at me once because I told someone it was really her.  Who has that kind of spare time to invest in making someone up?  If you have that little of trust in someone, you should probably not be dating them or interested in them.  Another level would be messaging other people who you think are interested in your someone.  I know a few ladies who have indulged in that guilty pleasure.  They try to mark their territory.  The problem with that is no one really cares.  If a wedding ring cannot deter someone from going after another person that is married, your message on social media will fall on deaf ears.  Those types of messages will be laughed at and looked at as crazy desperation.   

Some of my girlfriends are almost private investigator status.  They can find anything out.  My one best friend saw a picture of her man at a fancy bar and she felt like something was off that evening.  She looked up his ex girlfriend’s instagram account.  That broad had the exact same picture up.  They may not have been in each other’s pictures, but they were most definitely at the same bar.  I would say the only way to possibly get away with cheating is by not having any social media.  There is always a downloadcookie crumb trail left behind.

The problem with all of the creeping and stalking antics it kind of makes you look crazy.  It is not the type of crazy that majority of people want others to see in the daylight.  Most people like to hide that crazy in a locked trunk.  These gestures also do not help you keep your love interest or significant other in the long run.  Who wants to be with someone that you have to keep tabs on at all times?  You can stay ten steps ahead all the time, but you may be the one left behind in the end.

If you need some examples of creeping and looking crazy, click on these links from Kevin Hart’s stand up 🙂

Psychopath Girl

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Out of the Bush

There are those people in life that deserve to have a turn of bad luck.  It could be because they are assholes.  They could cuckoobe crazy people.  There are many choices to choose from to fill in that blank.  A lot of people believe in karma.  They believe karma will handle people in due time.  Some others believe karma needs a little nudge.

It was nearing summers end in 2008.  There were a bunch of people at Sandcastle that day.  My boyfriend at the time, Drew, wanted to go out with a bang for the summer.  There were not many of us that were fans of Tony’s cuckoo bird, Meg.  She was there that day.  Tony and Nicole were there too.  Here we go again.  Everyone was drinking a lot.  Many things were said and done at the pool.  It was getting out of hand.  Meg was fully dressed with her bags on her shoulders.  She was standing next to the pool.  She was screaming about something.  I watched Drew walk straight towards Meg.  In one swift movement, he stiff armed her from behind into the pool.  Drew took off.  She was silently shocked.  Her purse, pool bag, and herself were fully submerged in the water.  She started screaming asking who did that to her.  Police and security showed up and escorted her away.  

Next thing I knew, I was getting asked to come with security to answer some questions.  They wanted to know if I saw who pushed Meg in the pool.  I lied and told him I thought it was the kid whose hat she stole earlier in the day.  I immediately text messaged Drew to go home and get out of there.  I was not letting him get in trouble over some crazy broad.  They let us go back to our friends.  They escorted Meg out of the water park’s front entrance.  

We all thought the excitement was over for the day.  We all thought wrong.  Nicole and Tony walked out the bottom exit.  Meg came flying out from the bushes after Nicole.  The security guards must have sensed Meg was not leaving when they escorted her out.  Because they were there immediately in the beginning of the chaos.  Meg got handcuffed and went to jail.  Drew got his wish.  He escaped all of the blame and went out with a bang.  We told Tony he truly needed to cut ties with Meg.  Her last incident in the living room at Drew’s house with a tampon and this episode was enough for all of us.  She was a certified cuckoo bird.

Once again, I felt like I was in an episode of a soap opera.  How does one person keep getting themselves in those types of situations?  Could the sex be that good that you go to jail over it?  How long could you ride the hot mess express?  I have heard of people doing crazy things over sex, but she was definitely topping the cake.  Meg was truly cuckoo for Tony’s cocoa puffs.