Leaving Your Mark

Have you ever wondered if you left a lasting impression on someone or made your mark to be remembered?  How do you even go about leaving that kind of mark or impression on someone?  Is it out of your control?  Lezbehonest, no one wants to be forgettable.

I started talking to a young, southern stud over a year ago.  Keaton did not live in Florida, but he was in the state every so often for work.  He was ten years younger than me but that doesn’t matter when its sexual attraction.  We kept in touch over a year.  We would text, Snapchat, and sext.  I definitely gasped when he sent me a picture of his dick.  It was a beautiful and big.  It was the kind of dick picture that made you want a cigarette after seeing it.  It was fun because it created pent up sexual frustration between us.

After a years time went by, Keaton was in town for work.  I was going a few months of no sex.  He told me where he was staying while in town.  I wasn’t sure if I should seize the opportunity.  I know what you’re thinking, ‘Why the hell not?!’  I was factoring in my hiatus from sex, his big dick, age and if I could successfully ride that stud.

My girlfriends basically smacked some sense into me.  I decided I would go to his hotel, but I needed some liquid courage.  My friends and I started ordering shots while I was tossing some beers back.  I had a solid buzz on and the time seemed to be now or never, so I ordered my uber.  Yes, I ordered an uber to take me to have sex.  I got to the hotel lobby and asked the man behind the desk where to go for Keaton’s room.  He handed me a map.  Oh, this was going to be a fun excursion finding his room drunk.  There were groups of men standing around in the parking lots whistling and so on.  I felt like a hooker.  I found extreme humor in this situation.  I finally found his room.  

Keaton greeted me shirtless with a big smile.  I’m pretty sure I was immediately wet.  ::Whew::  He was thankfully drinking and offered me a beer as well.  We all know first times are better drunk.  We bullshitted for a little bit until he took matters into his own hands.  He pulled me into him and started kissing me hard while running his hands over me.  Clothes started flying off.  The next thing I knew he was pushing that big dick in me. Lawd, baby jesus, I thought I saw the light.  It was that good hurt.  We rolled around for a while before finishing.  We laid there for a little bit.  I attempted to get up and start putting my clothes on when he grabbed my arm and said, “Where do you think you’re going?”  I assumed we were done.  I was wrong.  Keaton pulled me back in bed on top of him.  We went for round two.  It was just as good if not better than our first go around.  Our sexual chemistry was amazing!

I looked at my phone to find my friends were blowing me up.  I looked at Keaton and so badly wanted to stay in that bed for round three.  Yes, he was ready to go again.  However, I knew I needed to get back to reality and meet up with my friends.  He kissed me one more time on the lips and I kissed him goodbye on his forehead.  I got in the uber to head back to my friends.  I walked into the bar and they all started clapping and cheering.  Fucking dicks.  Ha.  

The next day, I woke up with my right boob hurting really bad.  My nipples were extremely sore.  I figured that was going to happen.  I went into the bathroom and turned on the light.  I looked down at my chest.  Holy Shit, there was a huge bruise on my right tit.  You would have thought that someone used it as a punching bag.  It was already gnarly looking in less than a days time.  I wasn’t even mad about it.  I was impressed.  Keaton and I were so into the moment that I didn’t feel any pain.  I sent him a picture of the mark he left me.  Poor stud felt so bad.  I emphasized that it was truly okay.  It was an awesome sex battle wound.  

It was humorous since I could not even lay on my right side to sleep.  I had to go up and down stairs carefully.  Any bouncing motion sent pain through me.  I learned that it is very difficult to keep big boobs from bouncing.  Keaton left his mark alright along with a lasting impression.  He’s welcome to bruise me more next time he comes through town ::wink, wink::


Nine Months No Sex

Anyone can have sex at anytime.  It depends on how much you want it or how desperate you are for it.  You could truly love sex.  I have heard of people using Tinder as a bet to see who could get laid before 2:00am.  I have always been a “in the moment decision” type of person.  I went nine months of no sex by choice.  I could have very easily of had sex with someone in that time.  I was actually going to see if I could make it a full year at that point.  I was interested in becoming a born again virgin.  Ha.  ::clean that slate::

I started the sex hiatus after douche bag Bill.  I went through some medical scares.  I was over men at that time.  I wanted nothing from them.  I was perfectly content with my double A batteries.  I realized that I made it to nine months.  I was surprised that I made it that 4b6b59aaaa5bf12b86fd406e3d4b8005far.  Did I miss sex to the point of wanting a random pickle in my jar?  No.  Did I think about sex?  Yes.  Everyone enjoys sex.  It is human nature.  I even had my one guy friend, Jaxon, just cuddle and lay on me once during my hiatus, so I could feel the weight of a man on me.  ::queue Sex and the City quote::  I have come a long way from my young twenties.  The old, younger version of me acted on every Energizer Bunny impulse.  The seasoned broad that I am now is more selective on the produce that enters the store in-between her legs.

I made it to nine months of no sex.  I started entertaining the idea of going a whole year.  It meant my Miss Lucy was tight and right.  Sharon Osborne supposedly said she had vaginal tightening surgery done to her.  You could go the easier route of indulging in no sex and ben wa ball exercises.  The thought of making it to a year was ended by one of my gorgeous Ron Burgundy friends.  Grayson and I met three years ago through one of our mutual friends.  I had a boyfriend at the time when him and I first met.  When Peter and I broke up, Grayson and I started text messaging and snap chatting one another.  It was so easy to talk to him.  It was even easier to sext with him.  We were both pretty good at exciting one another.  This went on for two years between us.  The build up of sexual tension was beginning to be wound up tighter than Joan River’s face.  It was fun to fantasize about the day we would finally get to feel each other’s naked bodies.

That day happened when I was on my hiatus.  He was in town for a gig.  We were exchanging messages throughout the night.  I was definitely feeling pretty good.  Alcohol gave me confidence and took away my nerves.  Okay, okay, I was drunk.  It probably was better for the situation though.  Two years of sexual anticipation had a lot to live up to.  It started to pour down rain.  I showed up to his hotel room drunk, frisky, and wet.  There was polite chit-chat before we started ripping each other’s clothes off.  I am pretty sure my Miss Lucy was drooling at the sight of him and his big dick.  Whew.  The first thrust was the most titillating sensation I have felt in a long time.  The thought of it right now gives me the chills.  Lord, baby Jesus.  I remember him saying a few times how tight my vahjayjay was when he slid in and out of me.  Nine months of no sex and kegels truly paid off.  We went a few rounds.  It was salacious.  

I still laugh thinking about how drunk I was that night.  At one point, I remember I sucked his balls in my mouth like I was the powerball machine.  :: yells 35, 23, 18::  All bets are off when I am drunk.  Ain’t no shame in my game.  He left me with some lovely markings to remember the evening.  I had to wear fashionable scarves for a week to work.  Do you think I was bummed that I did not make it to a year of no sex?  Hell no.  That was worth every bit of the two years we had in conversations and pictures.  It was one hell of a way to end my nine month sex hiatus.  He can pokemon my pikachu any day.


Everyone sins somehow, someway in life.  No one is squeaky clean.  Life would be boring if we were all ‘Beaver Cleavers.’  It is fun to break the rules.  It is more entertaining to be on the naughty list.

James and I were good friends since high school.  We always had a flirtation between us, but it was just as friends.  We kept our friendship going over the years even after we graduated.  He was a good-looking, muscular guy.  James was great at making people laugh.  It was an all around fun time when you were around him.

Fast forward to the end of summer 2011.  A group of us were out for a night of muckery on the town.  We all took the after party back to where the guys lived.  We continued drinking there.  It was down to just James and I drinking on the steps.  I do not remember what was said between us, but we ended up in a forceful kiss.  It was intense.  The kind of kiss you see in movies and get a little wet in your pants.  He grabbed my arm and pulled me around to the side of the building.  James was unbuttoning and unzipping my jeans faster than ice cream melting on a 98 degree day.  He pulled my jeans down to my ankles.  I was not complaining.  I did not know what took over both of us, but I was on board.  He was kissing my stomach.  I thought my legs were going to give out on me.  He stood up to start kissing me again.  I started undoing his belt and getting his jeans opened.  He turned me around to face the brick wall.  James smacked my ass and thrusted in me from behind in one swift motion.  I lost all sense of being outside in the open.  I did not have a care in the world.  I wanted to ride that high ecstasy feeling all the way out.  He wanted to do more positions than that brick wall would allow, so we moved our sex session into his apartment.

Did I mention that he lived in an old church?  They converted the old church into apartments.  We had sex on once holy ground.  I was pushed up against the brick wall having sex on an old church.  There were sins being committed and entered all over the place that evening.  None of that entered my mind at the time this animal rage took over both of us.  Would I ever do that again?  Hell yeah, I would in a heart beat.  Get in where you fit in.

Over the Fence

Sexual chemistry is a huge part of a relationship.  It is not all about sex, but it is an important subject.  Human beings have physical needs in life.  People may think the sex part is the easiest role.  It is not by a long shot.  I have definitely had my ups and downs in that department.

One night, I was out with friends.  I had a short dress and heels on.  I looked on point.  I was dating Jerry at this time.  He texted me asking how was my night with my friends.  I told him it was going well.  He asked what I was wearing out.  I told him I was looking mighty fine.  Jerry asked if I could meet him at my house.  I told him my parents were home.  He said it did not involve us going inside.  It was close to midnight at this point.  I called it a night and went to meet Jerry at my house.  We were on the patio.  My patio has a fence around it and bushes for privacy.  He told me to walk over towards the one side of the fence.  Jerry told me to pull my panties down to my ankles and spread my legs.  I did what he said to do without asking questions.  He came up behind me and pressed against me.  I was on fire.  He was kissing my neck while one hand was grabbing my right breast and the other was in-between my legs.  Jerry bent me over the fence, grabbed my hair, and pushed inside of me.  It was incredible!  I wish I would have had the idea.  Jerry could dip in my cookie jar anytime.

Who doesn’t sex outside and the chance of getting caught?  Who doesn’t love spontaneous sex?  Who doesn’t love getting bent over?  Who doesn’t love having a significant other who is down for anything?  There are few people who would answer otherwise to those questions.  I love all of thee above.  It definitely spices up your sex life.  It makes for some awesome stories later in life.