Second Impressions?

downloadYou never get to make a second first impression.  Everyone hopes people can have an open mind to give someone a second chance.  You hope people do not judge a book by its cover.  The question is can you make a better impression if you get the opportunity for it.

I went out to listen to the band my mother managed.  I had my fake identification to get into the bar.  I was feeling pretty good.  Cameron text messaged me while I was out.  He wanted me to come over his parents house.  He was in town for the weekend.  My mom was kind enough to drop me off at his house.  She said she would pick me up in the morning.  I found him in his recreational room watching TV.  I was drunk and he was frisky.  We went at it like rabbits.  We were having sex on the couch.  He was in the sitting position and I was straddling him.  Cameron moved us to the floor.  He wanted to be in charge of the rhythm.  I loved when he would kiss my neck.  It made me melt under him.  I moved us to the other couch.  I laid him down on his back.  I straddled his stick shift.  He was trying to hold out.  Cameron’s goal was to make it last as long as he could for us.  I am sure it was not an easy task with my big boobs bouncing in his face.  I used to tease him by squeezing my kegel muscles around his dick.  We kept our sex life fun.

For some reason, we put the couch cushions on the floor to sleep on them like a bed.  In the morning, I heard the door open to the downstairs.  Cameron’s mom yelled down that my mom called the house.  Fuck!  His parents had no idea that I came over last night.  My second impression already not off to a good start.  I called my mom from my cell phone.  She was out in the driveway.  I had two choices in front of me.  I could sneak out the back door with my tail between my legs.  The other choice was to walk up the stairs talk to his parents and go out the front door.  I knew after the first impression I could not duck out.  I tried to get Cameron to go upstairs with me.  He was clearly tired and did not want to move at all.  I had to face them alone.  I pulled my hair up in a ponytail and straightened my clothes.  I was trying very hard to not look like a hot mess.  I went upstairs with a smile.  I greeted and talked with his parents.  I thought it went really well given the circumstances.  I went out the front door to get in the car.  My mom looked at me and said, “You better hide that from your father.”  I had no idea what she was talking about.  I pulled down the visor and looked in the mirror.  My second impression officially went down the drain.  There was a huge hickey on my neck.  Fuck!  It was in plain view with my hair pulled up in a ponytail.  I wanted to kill Cameron.

You may get a chance to make a better impression than your first one.  There is also a chance you could make it worse.  I did not have good luck.  I can only imagine what his parents thought of me.  I had a feeling it was not going to stop Cameron and I from seeing each other though.  The most important things I learned from these experiences was to always carry a little mirror in my purse and to avoid see through t-shirts.  Hickeys and nipples visible through your shirt are no way to go through life.

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