The Face

Do a lot of people have a face that they make when they cum?  A lot of people joke about the “O” face.  I do not know if I have one or not.  There are only two people in my life who got me on that orgasmic roller coaster.  I guess I could indulge in me time faceand watch myself in a mirror to find out.  That would probably be awkward.  I would probably end up not finishing because I was focused on looking at my face.  Ha.

In summer of 2011 after I broke up with Barry, I met a guy named Finlay.  He was a taller, muscular, good-looking guy.  My father referred to him as “Good Time Finlay.”  I am pretty sure my dad knew why I was hanging out with him.  Oh hey.  If we were having sex and he was on top, I would try to avoid looking at his face when he was about to cum.  He made this ugly face that you would not think was from pleasure.  It was an exaggerated, frown, open mouth, kind of facial expression.  It was such a turn off.  It took everything in me to not hide my face or push him off of me.  Do you laugh or pretend it did not bother you?  All I knew was that it was not attractive at all.

images (1)faceI brought the face discussion up to him.  Finlay got defensive with me.  He immediately said mine was not much better.  I had a good chuckle at that comment.  He had never seen my “O” face.  He would have needed to make me cum to see that face.  Duh.  Finlay was a bit clueless in that department.  Most men seem to lack the knowledge of that.  Or maybe the wet hole is confusing for them.  His “O” face was one image over the years that I have not been able to “etch a sketch” out of my head.

You would think most men do not care about getting the broad off.  I have found just the opposite out.  When I tell men that I do not typically get off, they take that as a challenge.  They try to hold their nut off for as long as they could to try to get me mine.  It is a nice and appreciative thought, but nine times out of ten I end up saying, “Go ahead and bust!  I’m not going to reach mine.”  Ha.  I never know if that is taken as an insult or just brushed off their shoulder.  Hell, I never even masturbated in front of someone else until I was dating Peter.  There was a reason I deemed it “me time.”  It was for me.  I would like to think my “O” face is like one of the broad’s having girl on girl orgasms.  Okay, Okay, probably not that erotic.  Lets just hope it was better than Finlay’s face.  That shit was just plain awful and scary.  You gotta ease that ugly onto people.  You can’t just show it to em all at once.  That squirrel may never get a nut again.

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