Are You Sleeping?

Who has ever fallen asleep during sex?  I have.  It sounds horrible, doesn’t it?  In my defense, it was not my fault.  I was young when it happened to me.  It is usually due to someone being drunk or extremely tired.  Or it could be due to performance.  It happens to the best of us. 

I was only 18 years old.  Eli may have been a senior in college or he had just graduated.  He was a short, attractive, and muscular guy.  His looks are what appealed to me.  I met him through mutual college friends.  We started out as just friends that friendly flirted with each other.  After some time, we finally hung out one on one.  I went to his apartment to watch a movie.  We started kissing and rubbing around on each other on the couch.  He picked me up and took me back into his bedroom.  He looked amazing without a shirt on.  I wish I could say the same for when he took his pants and boxers off.  I was thinking it was the moment of he was a “grower not a shower.”  I couldn’t even tell he was inside of me.  I thought he was just using his thumb as foreplay.  I got lost in my thoughts and closed my eyes as if I would magically be out of this awkward sex experience.  Eli said to me, “Are you sleeping?”  Oh yeah, I definitely nodded off.  How do you rebound from that question?  Quick thinking.  I replied to him, “No, I am just shutting my eyes because it feels so good.”  He got a huge smile across his face.  Boy, he was gullible.  It was over shortly after that.  He offered me to stay the night.  I felt one round of torture was enough.  I kindly told him I had to get back home.  

People love to say it is not about the size of the boat that matters in bed.  However, you better have a boat that at least requires a small anchor and makes a decent wake in the water.  Because there is no broad that would be satisfied with a small dinghy that rocks her to sleep.  I pulled the fade on him.  I slowly stopped returning his messages.  Ironically enough, he was living with Gary in the apartment, who I would end up dating later on in life.  I should have steered clear of those college guys.  Eli messaged me years later on Facebook and asked me what happened way back then.  I still have not answered that question.

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